Property Management Services

Commercial Property Management

With commercial real estate, choosing the right management company can make a major impact on the bottom line. And this is the one of the reasons why our Commercial Property Management division specializes in office, retail, and industrial commercial real estate property management. Our professional staff manages daily operations of the property and ensuring commitment to the long term value of the property.

Our belief is that better management of the property leads to better growth in terms of property value and occupancy. We focus on the following five essential aspects of property management:

  • Identifying areas of improvement or growth.

  • Retaining quality tenants.

  • Attracting desirable new tenants.

  • Negotiating favorable leases.

  • Controlling overhead and costs.

Our Commercial Management Team is equipped to handle any task whether it relates to managing internal staff members, working with vendors, creating financial reports and budgets, or anything in between. Our Consultants offer experienced advice in all areas of commercial property management.

Apartment Building

Condominium Property Management

We offer property management of Homeowner associations, Condo and Neighborhood associations, Townhome developments, apartment building complexes and more. As skilled property management professionals, our goals are to constantly maintain member goodwill, exercise efficient control over operational costs, and keep your property value at its highest level.

We provide the Condominium Association and unit owners the assurance that the market value of their units will be maintained or enhanced. Lender/Buyer relationships are improved with professional property management. We also monitor dues collection, reduce delinquency, and update the reserve study, bringing in consistent revenue to ensure that the Association has adequate reserve funds for the future. By providing a superior level of property operations and property appearance, our company ensures that the value of each Condominium unit will be maintained, while enhancing the overall marketability of each unit.